Cabin update: Fireplaces. 23/11/2020

Today is the twenty third of November. The cooler weather has set in and the frosts are now a semi frequent occurrence. The cabin is growing day by day at a decent rate. Unlike the month of October, I have had some breaks in work and fair weather, which despite the lack of light, hasContinue reading “Cabin update: Fireplaces. 23/11/2020”

The Den Cabin: Walling in. 07/11/2020

Today is the seventh of November. Autumn is well underway and the leaves are falling fast. Most of the sycamores have lot their leaves and only the oaks and beaches have many left. It is a stark reminder that winter is on its way and that the coppicing season is soon here and time willContinue reading “The Den Cabin: Walling in. 07/11/2020”

The Den Cabin: Walls rising 05/11

Today is the fifth of November. Progress has slowed on the cabin project dramatically. A whole month without a blog post. Work, college and lost light has rendered the amount of time I can spend working on it almost nil. I however have finally managed to get enough done to warrant a blog post. TodayContinue reading “The Den Cabin: Walls rising 05/11”

Den update: Future Plans. 26/09/2020

Today is the twenty sixth of September. I was alone again in the woods. The birds were chirping away and the first winter cold has set in. Was a nice 4c when I stepped out of the house this morning. Today was a rather relax laid back day. I set about making and laying someContinue reading “Den update: Future Plans. 26/09/2020”

The Den Cabin: In the dry 24/09/2020

Today the the twenty fourth of September . A friend came to join me down in the woods today. I was in the process of slowly adding more shingles to the roof extending the northside wall line. Due to him being a far better tree surgeon then me I figured I would ask help makingContinue reading “The Den Cabin: In the dry 24/09/2020”

The Den Cabin: A light in the wall 12/09/2020

Today is the twelfth of September. Today Cate joined me down in the woods to get some progress done on the cabin and have a home cooked den date dinner. We had an amazing time and made great strides forward on the cabin. The later time of departure for her meant that I was ableContinue reading “The Den Cabin: A light in the wall 12/09/2020”

The Den Cabin: Window frames 09/09/2020

Today is Wednesday the ninth of September. Had a friend come down to the woods today to take some photos for me so I could put them into the blog (Thanks Harry 🙂 ). It was a pretty productive day of de-nailing planks, cutting them to size and then notching them out to fit theContinue reading “The Den Cabin: Window frames 09/09/2020”

Den Cabin Update: A doorway.

Today is September the fifth. A friend and I went down to the woods today to start the finer details of the cabin work. Over the next couple weeks the plan is to have a brief break from doing the roof and to get some of the wall details done. This includes: The doorframe, theContinue reading “Den Cabin Update: A doorway.”

The Cabin Floor: 02/09/2020

Today is September the second. A friend and I have spent a very soggy Wednesday filling in the old bunker hole and laying the long needed cabin floor. These plywood sheets are typically not very den like. They are square, straight and flat. This does not work very well with the jumble and tangle ofContinue reading “The Cabin Floor: 02/09/2020”

Mk 11 working at last

The mk 11 is working at long last. The front body has been solid armoured with round technic instead of plate armour. This additional weight has so far not affected the tensioned gear box which is running perfectly so far. I have also mounted a turret since the last post. This is a modified versionContinue reading “Mk 11 working at last”