The Den Cabin: Walling in. 07/11/2020

A very happy Laurence stood in his cabin doorway…

Today is the seventh of November. Autumn is well underway and the leaves are falling fast. Most of the sycamores have lot their leaves and only the oaks and beaches have many left. It is a stark reminder that winter is on its way and that the coppicing season is soon here and time will have to be taken away from the house to ensure that the stools are set for future harvests years down the line. It is a good job with this fast approaching that we have had a good break in the weather and progress is moving fast.

Pallet wood wall is half done.

The pallet wood on the south wall flew up over the weekend. The planks having been already denailed and set out were all ready to go on. All that needed to be done was rip saw the stud frame and then nail them on. It was a challenge to get them to line up square without gaps as the planks had warped since they came off the pallets. That said some aggressive pushing and then setting the nails when the plank was pressure seemed to do well. This wall is now half way to be completed. The remain planks need to be stripped of the pallets and denailed. Once this is done they can be nailed on and the south wall with just need a window.

The north wall also had the final wattle and daub uprights put into place so that wall is now ready for the willow weavers to be woven through. The main walls are coming together nicely.

The walls are making good time and the first fire in the fire pit foundations.

A mile stone. The first fire was lit in the fireplace. This was an awesome moment. The dark cabin was thrown into a bath of orange flicker light. Made the whole place seem far more homely and gave me time to sit back and reflect on my labor. This project has not been a small undertaking and it has tested me so far and will continue to do so. That said, I am exceptionally proud of my progress and here is to it continuing.

Prepping for dinner in the cabin.
Post dinner relax. Enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Thank you for reading. Any questions please leave a comment.


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I am a 21 year old woodsman who lives in the woods in my timber framed cabin.

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