The Den

Wilderness homesteading and natural construction

with a splash of lego tank creation.

My name is Laurence. I am 19 years old and study forestry at college. I made this blog to share my woodland homestead project I have been working on over the last 5 years called “The Den”. It is a series of make shift buildings built from recycled and harvested materials. I also in my spare time enjoy creating lego models which mostly consist of attempts to construct remote control lego tanks. So this blog will contain mostly wilderness and outdoor style posts with the odd splash of lego creativity 🙂

Today is August the 3rd.

Lego tank mk 10 was constructed today. This tank differed to all my others as it has a smooth technic interior build, very similar to a modern car. Due to this the tank base was of a far lighter weight. Seeing this I reduced my gear box from the motors to the drive to a ratio of 2:1 instead of the usual 4:1. This was my mistake in the mk 10. After extensive testing the base of the 10 was working perfectly no slip in the gear box due to the fact it was smaller then usual and being tensioned inwards by elastic bands ensuring the track vibrations would not shake it to bits as had happened after testing on all the other models previous to this one. Due to the rapid advancement I forgot to account for the weight of the turret and the plate armour hence when putting all this additional weight on my tank it failed to have the power to drive forwards even over smooth surfaces. The mk 11 will have a large gear box with a high ratio allowing for propulsions with this additional weight. I will make a interior base again as it has worked well. Tensioning the gear box on both sides with rubber bands has also done me good credit so will maintain that design onto the next model.

The mk 10 side profile displaying the suspension which in this case is stressed lego axles working on an individual boggie style
The mk 10 headlights and view of the tensionedgear box base.

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