The Den Cabin: Window frames 09/09/2020

Me stood looking out the front window frame.

Today is Wednesday the ninth of September. Had a friend come down to the woods today to take some photos for me so I could put them into the blog (Thanks Harry 🙂 ). It was a pretty productive day of de-nailing planks, cutting them to size and then notching them out to fit the window frames. We managed to get both the window frames done, put up some arching wind braces and cut a couple more sections ok sweet chestnut for more wind braces. So below shows some more photos and the written out work of what we got up too.

Side note, I am now back at college so updates will contain less in them since I have less time in the week to get the projects done. Sorry.

Me chiselling out the notch for the front window shelf.

The window frames are made from the same 3″ by 5″ boards I dragged back from Barnswood and used on the floor. They make excellent solid structural supports. I do think they look a bit funny next to the over sized oak hewn beams but beggars can not be choosers and since I got these for free I can not complain. The lower sections of the windows or the window sill or the window shelf as it is know are made from the old bits of scaffolding boards I had previously used for the floor. I used two with a good amount of character to make these.

Harry taking some fancy shots of me fitting the window shelf.

There are two windows in the cabin project on the ground floor. These were made by taking the tops of an old glass table they were throwing away at a previous work place of mine. I took the tops home to be made into the cabin windows. I make the frames from a couple sections of cedar siding found in a skip and all the rest got rip sawn by hand out of some sycamore logs that I have cut down a year before when doing some work in my parents garden. The window frames went together well and have been sat in my parents garage for the last year or so collecting saw dust and waiting. Sadly they will be sat there for a while longer since I do not plan to put them in to the window frames until I have finished the walls, roof and made the door.

The small window frame just after completion about a year ago.
Me sorting out the inside of the cabin.

The wind braces have made a massive difference and really do help hold the wall in place and reduce how much shake there is in the building. Unintentionally I appear to have created a rather good looking arch way with the braces. This was unintentional however I think it looks rather good. I was quite happy when I saw how good this all looked on the photos. It very good to see the building coming together. I am still deciding on how I am going to do the cob on these walls and if I should put a set of wind braces of the lower section on the building. I will work it out a the project goes along.

Rear view of the cabin.
Looking down the cabin.

Thank you for reading. New posts every Saturday evening.

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