Mk 11 working at last

Wookie vs the mk 11

The mk 11 is working at long last. The front body has been solid armoured with round technic instead of plate armour. This additional weight has so far not affected the tensioned gear box which is running perfectly so far. I have also mounted a turret since the last post. This is a modified version of Sariels Lego T90 tank turret put into a more curved shape and with a different barrel design. I have used this model in different forms since the mk 9. The turret works with a spring system being drawn back by spokes on a rotating wheel. The switch is to add length to the motor cord as I have no lego power functions extension cables. The cable going through the centre of the pivot circle allows constant 360 degree turret rotation which is a nice bonus. The gun will shot up to 4 shots at any rotation point. Need to add some armour to the back of the body and to the turret and hopefully it will all work and be good.

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I am a 21 year old woodsman who lives in the woods in my timber framed cabin.

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