Den cabin roof update 07/08

Shingles going up on the side of the cabin roof

The cabin roof got some attention today. Now having collected all of the sections of ash and hazel for the roof battons I can start to put on the shingles onto the roof. I have been focusing on starting at the back end so I can have a dry cover for the back wall with the fireplace. This will allow me if the shingling process takes longer then expected and the full roof is not covered before winter I can still work on the fireplace and cordwood back wall in the dry. This will also mean that the loft is dry allowing a useful storage zone for shingles, planks ect, that is dry through the wet winter months.

Underside of the shingle roof

The shingles are radially split out of a 1ft long round of sweet chestnut. These are split out radially to ensure minimal tapering off when being cleft out. This is to get as many shingles out of a round as possible. Sweet chestnut is used due to the tannins in it making it extremely durable and excellent at withstanding the outdoors. I get in the ball park of 40 – 48 shingles per the round. I estimate it will take about 1800 to cover the entire roof. The shingles are also overlapped with a minimum of two shingles cover at any given point. This will hopefully last a good many years and keep the cabin water tight.

The shingle roof has a certain character to it 🙂

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I am a 21 year old woodsman who lives in the woods in my timber framed cabin.

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