Den Update: Leaving the Cabin. 18/09/2021

Today is the eighteenth of September. Just back from the woods and am finishing up my packing for university. Have had a great set of final days. Had two friends down on Thursday and we got all of the sycamore thinning’s moved up to the site so they can be processed and milled into planks.Continue reading “Den Update: Leaving the Cabin. 18/09/2021”

Den update: Firewood 26/07/2021

Today is the twenty sixth of July. As summer races along and autumn being just round the corner I decided to finally get the firewood situation under control for the next couple years. Along with help from Hannah and fin, I have got myself in good standing. The first firewood to get lopped was theContinue reading “Den update: Firewood 26/07/2021”

The Den Cabin: Woodsman on the roof. 18/07/2021:

Today is the eighteenth of July and the roof is coming along swimmingly. After months of no progress on it, I have finally been given that final kick to push on and get somewhere. After a rather long and intense shingle making session, along with a clearing up the final bits on the south coppiceContinue reading “The Den Cabin: Woodsman on the roof. 18/07/2021:”