The Den Cabin: Woodsman on the roof. 18/07/2021:

The interior shingle roof looking might fine.

Today is the eighteenth of July and the roof is coming along swimmingly. After months of no progress on it, I have finally been given that final kick to push on and get somewhere. After a rather long and intense shingle making session, along with a clearing up the final bits on the south coppice to provide the wood for the batons. I was ready to start the final phase of the north roof. So let the great shingling day begin.

Ladder and roof pre us putting up the shingles, Note the batons over the porch.

The roof now being too high up for my home made ladder to reach now had to be accessed by harness and rope. A line was put around the ridge pole, run down and attached with a prussik to the harness.. This meant we could sit on the roof and work at the same time with little fear of sliding down the roof. We started in the middle (where I had previously shingles up to) and then worked towards the porch. Progress went well with Hannah and I working in turns with one of us on the roof and the other handing them the shingles they needed. This made the process relaxed and good fun. We threw a good 250 shingles up onto the roof in only 3 hours.

Hannah up on the roof working on the final interior section.

And so with us and the last shingles exhausted we took the rest of the evening off. Sadly the north side was not fully finished with about 60 shingles required to get it finally finished. That said this is a huge miles stone as we have fully covered the inside portion of the cabin with shingles on the north side. We are on the home stretch now. Need to do the final bit of weaving and cob on the north wall, put one or two final pallet planks on the porch loft and then the cabin exterior is done and I can get to work on the interior furniture and layout. We are doing well.

Burning the very last of the lop and top from the coppice.

Thank you for reading. Any questions add them down below.

Watching the sun go down.

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I am a 21 year old woodsman who lives in the woods in my timber framed cabin.

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