The Den: 2020

2020 in photos according to the den.

1st of January. Hazel coppicing day. Let the year begin.
The frame looks all good down here on the ground.
IT is a rafter peeling and plank making kind of day.
Just raised the frame.
Garden being planted up.
I love how I saw this frame as trees standing in the woods and now through back breaking labour
I have a timber frame that I am very very proud of.
Socially distanced rafter placement.
If I stand very still here I will remain dry.
Batons and shingles.
What a gorgeous roof I have made.
Hazel coppice is doing rather well.
Perhaps one of my favourite den photos. Was a very soggy day that.
I am very happy with how far the build has come so far.
New tool has arrived and will hopefully speed up the jobs. Welcome little blue.
Window frames going up and my oh my who is that handsome fella in the background.
A good evening in the cabin.
There be a Laurence in the window!
Sweet chestnut coppice year one.
Workshop concept designs.
Shingles, shingles shingles everywhere.
My attempt to take a fancy photo for once. I say I did rather well.
There be shingles on a roof.
Chimney foundation was actually built well. A unique feature within the cabin I am told.
Shingle log being turned into shingles. Am very fond of this photo.
We almost have an indoors!
Cordwood walls.
After much whacking it with my head I made two nice stone bricks.
Sweet chestnut on the ground and sawn to logs (thanks adam)
The tools I use most frequently.
Where’s toby? And that is one awesome looking wall.
Me being very amused by the noise the door makes.
Woven wall and the new sawn planks
The cabin back wall and fireplace looks amazing.
Toby taking some serious cooking photos.
My little cabin in the woods is coming along very well

A massive thank you to all those who have helped me this year on the cabin. To name a few: Cate, Toby, Fin, Rory, Johnny, Tom, Barnswood team, Martin, Sam, Chris, Brett, Adam and all the others who I have forgotten :P.

Let us hope that progress continues in 2021 and the world does not end until I am finished.

Laurence 🙂

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I am a 21 year old woodsman who lives in the woods in my timber framed cabin.

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